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Mozilla Firefox Description

Mozilla Firefox web-browser is known to by the vast majority of Internet users. However, the benefits and value of the browser in daily work with the Internet is not clear to everyone. Firefox has many different plugins and extensions that will allow everyone to personalize it according to their needs. At the same time regardless of the settings, Firefox will continue to be very reliable and fast browser. So, problems such as freezes or slow performance with 20 open tabs will not happen if you use Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox is the progressing browser. The developers of this browser were first to introduce innovations that simplify the work of web designers and also they directed a lot of effort to promote html5 programming format, which over time has become quite popular. Having achieved success in this regard, the development team decided to not stop and promote in the Internet a new WebM format that allows users to enjoy viewing HD videos online. Thus, users who installed Mozilla Firefox, can be satisfied with the fact that they use the product, which is constantly moving up with modern trends. All of the updates and new versions are downloaded in silent mode, without attracting too much attention and in no way affecting the quality of the work. Users in most cases will not even notice that update process was started.

Mozilla Firefox browser can automatically correct images and graphics displayed within browser. Through the effort of browser developers, Firefox got a new graphics engine, which is much faster and with a higher level of accuracy displays pictures and text. Of course, this greatly increases user’s browsing experience and let see the Internet in a new way. Another important feature of Mozilla Firefox is that it has built-in features to support multisensory engines of Windows 8/8.1. All this makes Firefox a modern browser which is able to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Mozilla Firefox is a modern, fast and reliable web browser that pleases by plenty of useful features, sophisticated user interface and constant updates, every time bringing a new flavor to the work of Firefox. For those who are focused on fast Internet with the highest level of service and protection, Mozilla Firefox is the best one.

What’s new in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8/8.1?
We recommend you to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for your PC, because it comes with new redesigned interface, numerous security and bugs fixes and other crucial updates that improves stability and performance of the browser.

What version of Mozilla Firefox I should download if I am running 64 bit Windows 8/8.1?
You can use both x64 and x32 versions of Mozilla Firefox if you have 64 bit Windows 10, however it is highly recommended to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox x64, because it was specifically designed for 64 bit operating system and you might see a great improvements in the performance of the browser.

Need Firefox for Windows 10?
Download Firefox for Windows 10. Latest version.
For other version of Windows you can Download Mozilla Firefox from Yum! Download.